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Fast Facts

EXPO is a powerful, advanced analytics and decision support platform designed to meet the demanding requirements of professional traders, analysts, and portfolio managers. EXPO uniquely provides:

Open Data Access

EXPO's open data access means that traders can view and use real-time and historical data from multiple sources in a single study or analysis. Internal market data and rates can be analyzed in conjunction with data from external sources.

EXPO provides pre-built interfaces to most major real-time and historical data sources, including the BLOOMBERG service, Reuters, FAME, LIM, Datastream and many more. Plus, EXPO's open data API makes it straightforward to build links to virtually any internal or external data source.

And now, the new EXPO/Web function makes it easy for traders and analysts to access and use Internet and Intranet-based data sources. With EXPO/Web, users can import Internet and Intranet-based time-series data directly into an EXPO study in a single step. EXPO/Web makes it simple for firms to make price and other time-series data easily and quickly available.

Extraordinary Data Visualization

EXPO's completely graphical user interface provides up to 100 active windows that make it fast and easy to grasp the meaning behind the data. Each EXPO window can contain an unlimited number of time-series, studies, and overlays. With EXPO, traders can view market data with new perspectives that reveal hidden opportunities for profit. EXPO's graphs convey more information, more quickly.

Vast Studies Library

Over 140 pre-defined studies and a complete set of trend-lines tools provide a total package for technical analysis. Plus, EXPO makes it possible to modify the parameters of existing studies.

Fast Development of Custom Analytics

With an extensive library of over 700 math and statistics functions, the EXPO macro language dramatically reduces the time it takes to develop custom analytics. EXPO arms traders with the most up-to-date quantitative tools and methods, combined with built-in easy access to all of the major real-time and historical data sources as well as in-house, proprietary data. In addition to an easy-to-use macro language, EXPO also offers the XPL time-series programming language. Designed specifically to handle the unique attributes of financial time-series and with features like data variables that update in real-time, XPL assists users in quickly developing complex, financially sophisticated applications.
EXPO's unique Vector DLLs allow users to add their own dynamically loaded function libraries to EXPO and XPL. Unlike traditional spreadsheet DLLs, EXPO's Vector DLLs can pass massive arrays and matrices in a single call. EXPO uniquely enables users to perform mathematical operations between windows. For example, taking the difference between a time series in window 1 and a time series in window 2 is as simple as entering "W1-W2" and plotting the result in window 3. This saves significant time and results in improved accuracy when developing custom or complex analysis. Once an analysis or strategy is developed it can be saved for subsequent re-use with the same instruments or a completely different set of instruments. For firms that would like to continue using existing analytics built with traditional programming languages like C or C++, EXPO provides the ability to bind these applications in via DLLs.

Math Library

EXPO comes complete with an extensive library of over 700 math and statistics functions usually available only in compiled language libraries. Use these functions in conjunction with EXPO's macros to dramatically reduce development time of analytics. Some of EXPO's special capabilities include:

  • Series and scalar math
  • Statistics and calculus
  • Matrix math
  • Curve fitting and polynomial evaluation
  • Fourier transforms
  • Convolution
  • Frequency domain operations
  • Peak analysis
  • Digital filters
  • Data type conversion
EXPO is a Productivity Tool

With EXPO, the most sophisticated custom analytics can be developed, tested and deployed on a single platform across a trading desk or across the world in a fraction of the time taken by traditional approaches. EXPO saves time and money while providing a clear competitive advantage in the market. EXPO leverages scarce human capital more effectively.

XPL for Faster Development

EXPO includes XPL - a powerful, fast, easy-to-use structured language that was specifically designed for working with financial time series and matrices. XPL assists advanced EXPO users in quickly developing the most sophisticated applications.

Specialized Add-in Modules

For users who want to apply the most advanced pricing, predictive and risk management techniques, EXPO makes it possible to select from and incorporate a suite of add-in modules including

  • BasketTrader
  • Econometrics
  • EXPO/Portfolio
  • EXPO/Risk
  • Monte Carlo simulation

These and future add-in modules ensure that EXPO users have access to the latest tools in the context of a familiar, graphical environment with complete and easy access to virtually any real-time and historical market data source.

Unlimited Data Capacity

Unlike spreadsheets, EXPO was designed from the ground up to allow users to graphically view and manipulate financial time series with unlimited numbers of data points using vector math and the most advanced analytical tools available. This means, for example, that traders and analysts can perform the most sophisticated back-test strategies using hundreds of thousands of data points providing the potential for improved predictive power.

EXPO uniquely enables users to perform mathematical operations between windows. For example, taking the difference between a time series in window 1 and a time series in window 2 is as simple as entering "W1-W2" and plotting the result in window 3.

Platform Independence

EXPO is available on every major data distribution platform, including: Bloomberg, Reuters Triarch, and TIBCO TIB. This gives firms the ability to deploy a single analytics platform across a heterogeneous distribution platform environment, resulting in improved application support at lower costs. It also gives firms the freedom to change distribution platforms without impacting their analytics investments.

Operating System Independence

Because EXPO is available for all major desktop hardware platforms and operating systems including UNIX and Windows, a change in hardware platform or operating systems strategy will not impact a firm's analytics. This provides firms with maximum decision flexibility. The same analytics environment can be deployed and used across every desktop, regardless of operating system; resulting in lower costs and improved manageability.


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